About SVD

We are a 3rd Party Publisher

For Pathfinder® Second Edition. We founded in 2018 in the Triangle of North Carolina to publish a highly usable campaign setting that spares no expense in the details.

Our team is local to Japan and NC. We employ local artists and artists in Poland. Our cartography software is developed in Chapel Hill, NC by Three Minds Software.

Meet the team...

Creative Director: AA Salati

Founder and chief writer, AA dips into a bit of everything required to take a production live. Convinced in kindergarten that he had no artistic capability, he even learned some graphic design worthy of inclusion. A North Carolina native, AA has spent time in California and New York. He now lives with his family in Osaka, Japan where he enjoys eating, cycling to ancient burial mounds, and playing Pathfinder 2E. He was a writer and editor for the early seasons of Shadowrun Missions and still has some missions for sale on drivethrurpg. With over forty years experience writing for and running games, he finally sat down and committed to publishing his own setting. Motivational inspiration he found re-posted on reddit, "We're all such awesome critics, good at recognizing what's junky about something and how we fix it. We're all bad at making something, so just make something bad and criticize it until it's good." You don't have to start with perfection, but you do have to start.

Layout: Sakura "Leia" Yamato

Sakura is from North Carolina, a veteran corporate wageslave turned layout artist with a dislike for all things Adobe. At the time of writing this, she's completed the ~270 page layout (not in Adobe), and the pdf already looks top of the industry. We're excited to share what she's done for the production. Project inspiration, "Big ideas are fine, but someone has to put them into practice. A business with an average strategy that does things really well will beat a competitor with a clever strategy that it cannot execute."

Cartography: Koharu Collandre

A fan of the maps of Thorfinn Tait and the gazetteers of Mystara, Koharu joined with high standards and expectations for our work. We can't wait to share the massive regional hex map, global maps, portal routes, city maps, and adventure maps we've created with Koharu's help. Designed with local software Other World Mapper, the team is psyched. We scoured the top industry publications of the past few years and have confidence our cartography compares well and even exceeds the latest, modern designs. Another North Carolina native, we were able to collaborate locally and even get some group rides in. Project inspiration, "An author is writing a book. They're treated for parasites and lose all interest in completing the book. What if the parasite was writing it? What if they didn't die but moved on to another host?" (or maybe less inspirational and something to keep us up at night.)

Art by tamuemmi

A stellar artist with the ability to guide a vision through the collaboration stage to professional and fun finished pieces (and a great friend to all of us at SVD). She has honed her art in the US and Japan. Please find her and samples of her work at tamuemmi.com.

Art by Fabian Klejewski

Fabian has a unique style with broad swaths that imply immersive and rich detail. When we first found his art, it grabbed us with how easily it draws you into the fantasy. He is from Poland and has been a pleasure to work with. Please find his portfolio on Artstation.