Welcome to the world of Andror

Portal to Andror Adventure 5-Pack Now Available on DriveThruRPG!

Portal to Andror, an adventure 5-pack for the Andror Campaign Setting for Pathfinder 2nd edition just dropped on DriveThruRPG in time for the new year! It's a sandbox adventure set in the city of Aiunteth and takes your party from L1 to L3. It's the first of a series of adventure packs on a path to L20. Foundry VTT support is free!


Print copies are now available! They come with the PDFs free, so if you bought the digital package early, you can upgrade to print with an automatic discount. The next adventure pack covering L3-L5 is en route in 2024! Check our kickstarter!

2023v2 Now Available on DriveThruRPG in Digital & Hardcover!

We just released a huge drop of changes to get Remaster Ready, and we released Foundry VTT support! We made typo corrections, fixed traits, and even added new art. As we went through the process to convert the setting into Foundry, we found a lot of things to update. We made so much new art for Foundry, we didn't have space to include all of it in the pdfs. We also managed to cut the size of the standard resolution pdfs by 70%, and they still look excellent at that resolution. We are currently playtesting the first five adventures for the system, and Foundry support is 100% done for that as well. Look out!

Portal network map of Andror

2022 News

For four years, we developed a Pathfinder® Second Edition campaign setting with the highest level of detail possible. Our intent has been to share a world enlivened by our favorite fantasy elements with so much detail, it becomes simple and inspiring for game masters to run.

We received proofs from the printer for our June 2022 campaign setting release on drivethrurpg. There were no issues! Hardcovers are now on sale. Please join us for adventure in the world of Andror, a Game of Thrones meets Stargate medieval fantasy setting!